Convenient Cooling 40% Faster

ZoneAire provides four distinct functions in one convenient unit: air conditioning, dehumidification, fan and heating (heat pump model only). It’s ideal for supplemental cooling or heating. Keep units on hand for back up conditioning during outages or quick solves for cooling and heating gaps. Also great for garages, dorm rooms, workshops, home offices, attics and basements—anywhere you need quick, convenient cooling and dehumidification. All models include a remote control. Two cooling only models offer air conditioning, dehumidification and air circulation/fan.

40% faster cooling for maximum effectiveness

ZoneAire’s dual-hose design provides up to 40% faster cooling and greater energy efficiency than single-hose units because indoor air is not vented to the outside and wasted. Only indoor air is conditioned and returned to the room.

Competitors’ single-hose designs rely on air leakage from doors and windows to make up for lost air volume as cooler indoor air is exhausted to the outside. A single-hose design takes longer to cool and uses more energy than ZoneAire’s dual-hose design.

An energy-efficient choice

The ENERGY STAR® program (run jointly by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency), does not rate portable air conditioners for efficiency or award the ENERGY STAR® logo. But with an EER up to 9.5, ZoneAire is among the most energy-efficient portable units available. Fast cooling when and where it’s needed

ZoneAire doesn’t require a complicated, permanent installation—just vent the dual intake and exhaust hoses to the outside through a window or wall opening. The convenient window slider kit included with each unit fits both horizontal and vertical window openings between 26″and 46″, and can be trimmed to fit even smaller openings. EZ-roll casters simplify transporting the unit from location to location. And when it’s not in use, store ZoneAire in a closet.



ZoneAire’s self-evaporative condensate system exhausts condensate outside, so there’s no bucket to empty. The unit’s condensate overflow protection turns off the unit if the overflow tank becomes full.


ZoneAire’s fan mode is an energy-efficient way to keep the air moving and keep room occupants cool when air conditioning is not required.


  • Cooling from: 9300 – 13500 Btu/h
  • Heating from: 13500 Btu/h

Maintenance and Installation Features

  • Plugs into standard 115-volt outlet
  • Window kit fits both vertical and horizontal window openings
  • All installation accessories included

Health and IAQ

  • Washable, antimicrobial air filte

Comfort and Convenience

  • 4-in-1 System: air conditioner, heater, dehumidifier and fan or 3-in-1 system without heat
  • Dual hoses for closed loop cooling and exhaust functions for up to 40% faster, more efficient cooling
  • Top-mounted digital controls
  • Remote control operation
  • Auto restart after power outage
  • Self-evaporative condensate system means no bucket to empty
  • Condensate overflow protection—If tank becomes full, the unit automatically shuts off and can be drained through the water outlet drain
  • 24-hour timer
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Easy-roll casters for portability
  • Stores easily in most closets
  • UL and C-UL listed

Commercial ZoneAire®

ZoneAire is an air conditioner, a dehumidifier, a fan and even a heater* (*model PH14B only) in one. Its dual-hose design cools up to 40% faster and prevents air leakage. There’s no installation — just vent it and plug it in.

Full Range of Model Specifications.

ZoneAire® comes in a range of sizes and capacities. Take a look.

Room Sizing Guide

100–150 5000
150-250 6000
250-300 7000
300–350 8000
350–400 9000
400–450 10000
450-550 12000
550-700 15000
700–1000 18000
1000-1200 21000
1200-1400 23000
1400–1600 25000
1600–1900 28000
1900–2700 36000

This guide is based on normal room insulation, average number of sun-exposed windows and two-person occupancy.

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ZoneAir Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manuals

2012 ZoneAire IO Manual (P09B, P12B, PH...B) 2012 Download 4.70 mb

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ZoneAir Service Manuals

ZoneAire Portable Service Manual Download 2.10 mb
PH14B Service and Parts Manual Download 8.33 mb

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ZoneAir Parts Manual

ZoneAire Portable Parts Manual Download 2.10 mb
PH14B Service and Parts Manual Download 8.33 mb

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ZoneAir Submittals

2013 ZoneAire Portable Submittal Download 484.16 kb

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ZoneAir Warranty

ZoneAire Portable Warranty Download 15.22 kb