The Quiet Choice for Cooling and Heating Multi-Room Properties

Walk into a room cooled and heated by a Friedrich Vert-I-Pak system, and the quiet is unmistakable. That’s why Friedrich Vert-I-Pak is the first choice for a variety of multi-room lodging properties and commercial spaces, where superior noise reduction and a clean interior appearance are essential.

Available in capacities from 9200 to 23000 Btu/h, Vert-I-Pak can easily cool and heat larger suites and common areas in luxury hotels, extended-stay properties, student housing, assisted living facilities, offices and other commercial spaces. Please see our Sizing Guide and specifications by model for details on heating and cooling capacities.

What makes our Vert-I-Pak different?

Our ultra-quiet operation is possible because of design and installation advantages competitors’ systems don’t have:

Superior to whole building systems

Friedrich Vert-I-Pak is the flexible, attractive way to heat and cool, with a number of important cost and maintenance advantages over whole-building systems:

  • Lower installed cost
  • Independent metering (no need to prorate for multi-tenant applications)
  • Individual temperature set point (one unit can heat and others can cool)
  • Less risk: If one unit needs replacing or repairs, the remaining rooms remain habitable
  • Easy access for maintenance, repair and replacement

Vert-I-Pak also can be ducted to multiple rooms, which is ideal for suites, extended-stay properties and offices.

More attractive building interiors and exteriors

Vert-I-Pak units have a small 23″Wx23 “Dx32 “H footprint, install in a typical mechanical closet, and are completely self-contained. The concealed installation contributes to a more upscale, homelike interior. Unit access panels are less obtrusive and are 40% smaller than many competitors’.

Building exteriors show only an attractive, extruded aluminum grille that attaches to the outdoor section of the wall plenum. The VPSC2 can be ordered in custom colors for additional design options. And building exteriors are free from refrigerant lines that can run between floors on other types of product installations. There’s no clutter or risk of unsightly rust stains from exterior condensing units, and no need for vandalism barriers.

3-way slide-out chassis

Installation flexibility is critical on construction sites. Unlike its competition, Vert-I-Pak can be installed from any interior side. Slide Vert-I-Pak in from the right, left or front.


Available in heat pump and cooling + electric heat models

  • Cooling from: 9400 – 23000 Btu/h
  • Heating from: 8500 – 20000 Btu/h


  • Comes ready to install; electrical hookup is all that’s needed; does not require an HVAC technician
  • Can be installed from any interior side (front, right or left)
  • Rear or side-install wall sleeves
  • Compact and lightweight; weighs as little as 125 lbs.
  • Built-in low-voltage thermostat
  • 24-volt remote thermostat ready
  • 10″crimped and beaded duct-collar, ready-to-attach flex duct
  • Pre-wired, charged and piped
  • Telescoping wall plenums adjust to fit varying exterior wall thicknesses
  • Easy-to-connect right or left drain connection
  • All units are shipped (on pallet) with return air filter
  • Easy access, front-facing air filter
  • Screwless 3-way slide-out chassis for easier removal and accessibility
  • Standard size air filter is readily available at retailers nationwide

Quiet Operation

  • 2-speed fan operation from the thermostat
  • Constant fan option
  • Chassis installs into a wall plenum and is held firmly in place by a sealing gasket, which reduces noise from vibration transfer
  • ½” foil-backed insulation added on the inside of the chassis to reduce sound transmission into the room
  • Extra-thick vibration-absorbing rubber grommets are mounted on a durable base that is engineered for structural and acoustic integrity
  • Dynamically balanced blower with large, vibration-absorbing motor mounts for smooth, quiet operation
  • Rated to AHRI standard 390

Reliability and Durability

  • Diamonblue Advanced Corrosion protection protects the outdoor coil against deterioration and extends unit life, especially in harsh coastal environments
  • PSC permanently lubricated motor for low maintenance and maximum efficiency
  • Engineered drain pan won’t rust, eliminating unsightly condensate rust stains on building exterior
  • Room freeze protection
  • Standard safety power disconnect
  • Electronic control panel on unit for easy diagnostics and servicing
  • 100% run-tested prior to shipment for optimal reliability
  • Evaporative coil low-temperature protection reduces potential damage under abnormal conditions or if failure occurs
  • Low ambient lockout halts the compressor if outdoor temperature is too low to safely operate the unit
  • Random compressor restart after power interruption prevents overloading building’s electrical system

Energy Management

  • Front desk control compatible
  • Occupancy sensor interface terminals
  • Built-in fan delay for improved energy efficiency
  • Full line of energy-efficient heat pump models

Health and IAQ

  • Fresh air damper



Commercial Vert-I-Pak

Walk into a room cooled and heated by a Friedrich Vert-I-Pak system, and the quiet is unmistakable. That’s why Friedrich Vert-I-Pak is the first choice for a variety of multi-room lodging properties and commercial spaces, where superior noise reduction and a clean interior appearance are essential.

Full Range of Model Specifications.

Vert-I-Pak comes in a range of sizes and capacities. Click on the model number for detailed installation information. Take a look.

Vert-I-Pak + Heat Pump Models

Model Cooling
Reverse Heating
EER Volts Rated
VHA09K25RTM 9000/8600 8200/8000 10.5/10.5 230/208V
VHA09K34RTM 9000/8600 8200/8000 10.5/10.5 230/208V
VHA09K50RTM 9000/8600 8200/8000 10.5/10.5 230/208V
VHA09R25RTM 8900 8700 9.8 265V
VHA09R34RTM 8900 8700 9.8 265V
VHA09R50RTM 8900 8700 9.8 265V
VHA12K25RTL 11500/11200 11000/10800 9.7/9.7 230/208V
VHA12K34RTL 11500/11200 11000/10800 9.7/9.7 230/208V
VHA12K50RTL 11500/11200 11000/10800 9.7/9.7 230/208V
VHA12R25RTM 12000 11500 9.8 265V
VHA12R34RTM 12000 11500 9.8 265V
VHA12R50RTM 12000 11500 9.8 265V
VHA18K25RTL 17000/16800 16000/15000 9.1/9.1 230/208V
VHA18K34RTL 17000/16800 16000/15000 9.1/9.1 230/208V
VHA18K50RTL 17000/16800 16000/15000 9.1/9.1 230/208V
VHA18R25RTM 16800 15900 9.1 265V
VHA18R34RTM 16800 15900 9.1 265V
VHA18R50RTM 16800 15900 9.1 265V
VHA24K10RTL 23000/22800 20000/20000 9.1/9.1 230/208V
VHA24K25RTL 23000/22800 20000/20000 9.1/9.1 230/208V
VHA24K34RTL 23000/22800 20000/20000 9.1/9.1 230/208V
VHA24K50RTL 23000/22800 20000/20000 9.1/9.1 230/208V
VHA24K75RTL 23000/22800 20000/20000 9.1/9.1 230/208V
VHA24R10RTM 22400 20000 9.1 265V
VHA24R50RTM 22400 20000 9.1 265V
VHA24R75RTM 22400 20000 9.1 265V

Vert-I-Pak + Electric Heat Models

Model Cooling
Reverse Heating
EER Volts Rated
VEA09K25RTM 9000/8600 n/a 10.5/10.5 230/208V
VEA09K34RTM 9000/8600 n/a 10.5/10.5 230/208V
VEA09K50RTM 9000/8600 n/a 10.5/10.5 230/208V
VEA12K25RTL 11500/11200 n/a 9.8/9.8 230/208V
VEA12K34RTL 11500/11200 n/a 9.8/9.8 230/208V
VEA12K50RTL 11500/11200 n/a 9.8/9.8 230/208V
VEA18K25RTL 17000/16500 n/a 9.0/9.0 230/208V
VEA18K34RTL 17000/16500 n/a 9.0/9.0 230/208V
VEA18K50RTL 17000/16500 n/a 9.0/9.0 230/208V
VEA24K10RTL 23000/22700 n/a 9.5/9.5 230/208V
VEA24K25RTL 23000/22700 n/a 9.5/9.5 230/208V
VEA24K34RTL 23000/22700 n/a 9.5/9.5 230/208V
VEA24K50RTL 23000/22700 n/a 9.5/9.5 230/208V
VEA24K75RTL 23000/22700 n/a 9.5/9.5 230/208V

Room Sizing Guide

100–150 5000
150-250 6000
250-300 7000
300–350 8000
350–400 9000
400–450 10000
450-550 12000
550-700 15000
700–1000 18000
1000-1200 21000
1200-1400 23000
1400–1600 25000
1600–1900 28000
1900–2700 36000

This guide is based on normal room insulation, average number of sun-exposed windows and two-person occupancy.

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Vert-I-Pak Service Manuals

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Vert-I-Pak General

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Vert-I-Pak Product Profile

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Vert-I-Pak Warranty

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